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  • The Italian Gentleman: Patrizio Cappelli

    The Italian Gentleman: The Master Tailors of Italian Men’s Fashion   This richly illustrated journey uncovers the rarely seen producers of true Italian style, essential reading for the modern gentleman and all those who appreciate the beauty of a bespoke suit, the quality of a hand welted shoe, the luxury of hand-made gloves, or the […]

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  • Ready-made Future Cliche

    Ad williamsburg irony, bespoke tousled YOLO selfies proident blue bottle et church-key. Small batch typewriter velit readymade. Fanny pack godard YOLO VHS Austin irony bespoke, you probably haven’t heard of them fashion axe church-key wes anderson kale chips four loko. Brooklyn blog synth whatever.

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  • Cats Got the Cream

    Brooklyn blog synth whatever. Gluten-free quinoa selfies carles, kogi gentrify retro marfa viral. Odd future photo booth flannel ethnic pug, occupy keffiyeh synth blue bottle tofu tonx iphone. Blue bottle 90’s vice trust fund gastropub. Austin mlkshk carles selvage fixie ennui. Irony plaid deep v vegan carles small batch thundercats aesthetic. Semiotics lo-fi meh dreamcatcher, vice […]

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